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Mobile maintenance and repair of rail vehicles

Vehicle painting, graffiti removal, A1-A3 bonding, repair, GRP repair, LED retrofitting, glass renovation, foiling, spot repair, interior and exterior cleaning.

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A1-A3 bonding

We are certified in accordance with DIN 6701 for bonding rail vehicles and vehicle parts.
For example, we replace glued front and side windows, GRP parts and paneling.

Adhesive Bonding Company Certificate
Adhesive bonding certificate

Mobile vehicle painting!

Our experienced specialists carry out professional painting work. We carry out both repainting, repainting, partial or complete painting. Our teams can also carry out complex work on site using mobile paint tents with extraction.

Train Image
Train Image clean

Mobile graffiti removal!

With our mobile team, we remove graffiti from rail vehicles 24 hours a day. At the same time, we provide security personnel for parked trains to prevent vandalism against smudges of paint.

Train image after cleaning graffiti
Train Image with graffiti

Mobile repair!

Our professional body repair will repair the damaged vehicle. We ensure that your vehicle is repaired in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer's specifications and the latest state of the art.

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Train image after cleaning
Train image before cleaning

Glass renovation and foiling!

Scratches and burns in glazing are annoying and significantly impair the visual appearance of your objects. With our special “Scratch-Free - Glass” process, we completely remove even the deepest scratches.

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Train windows
Train view

LED retrofitting!

Replace old fluorescent tubes with efficient LED technology. The rail-approved Crous LEDs reduce power consumption by up to 40%, reduce running costs and create a more pleasant atmosphere.

Train inside with good lights
Train inside with bad lights

Qualitative protection systems!

With the high-quality products from Crous Chemicals and the know-how of Crous Rail Service, you get an outstanding increase in value from a single source. Our sealing is ten times cheaper than repainting and yet the surface shines like new.

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train with clean surface
train with old paint


Your fleet is ready for action in  #notimeatall

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